Buying kids' playhouses

Children at play's urge for independence is renown, understandable and commendable. Letting them organise and run a space of their own, their playhouse in the way they wish would help them feel in charge in a world where otherwise (grand)parents -- always -- have the final say. Yet before ushering kids into their domain, your kids and you have a selection process ahead.

Wood or plastic

Of all issues you need to address, type of material goes first. If your children are still little, it is highly likely that they would ask for a Lego-type house made of plastic or nothing. Parents and grandparents would also feel more at ease because they generally have no windows and, respectively, no glass to break. 

Wood, for its part, can offer more solid constructions which can be a close replica of the homes you live in. There your bigger children can create their oasis for play or reading.

One or two storey, castle or tower

Among the many varieties in which playhouses exist, you have to choose just one. Building a two storey house would generally exact that you allot more space and money than for its single storey counterpart.

tower playhouse would allow playing space both indoors and outdoors while having the castle alternative would help children fascinated by heroic tales to reproduce them in the relevant surroundings.

Build to playground

Of course, your backyard could become a playground like no other if you add to a playhouse other children's toys such as slides or swings or yet hammocks. Most providers will ask you beforehand of the gender and age of your child before selling you the add-on to ensure you buy the right product for your child.

Where to place your playhouse?

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best place for your playhouse:

- Level ground - place it on a level ground for stable structure

- Safety area - it needs to be in a safe area

- Drainage - make sure good drainage is available to avoid flooding in the playhouse

- Weeds and trees

- Supervision - easy to supervise

Garden Buildings Direct is the specialist with such a diverse offering that you should do the shortlist by yourself (children allowed only at the final stage). All playhouses arrive free of charge with a 10-year guarantee.

Playhouses World has much to offer, too; therefore, you should better start specify your preferences in terms of type, brand, size before setting on a browsing tour. Unlike some other providers, they will not linger with delivery. They promise to deliver your purchase within 48 hours (as opposed to 1-2 weeks).

Waltons will fascinate with its continually updated product range which means you will be buying a playhouse like no other. With its free delivery within 2 to 5 days and 10-year anti-rot guarantee, this might just be your provider of choice.

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