Buyer's Guide: Choosing awnings for your patio

Patio awnings will make both a rainy and an extra sunny day suitable for taking a seat outdoors. There are a few decisions to take before figuring out which awning would do best, though. Materials, types of rolling mechanisms, presence of waterproof and UV protection – these are all issues you have to consider.


Free-standing or wall-mounted

If the place you like to spend your leisure time on is next to the building, then the best option would be to buy wall-mounted awnings. Available with standard, half-cassette and full-cassette rolling mechanisms, with motor or without motor, you have a choice to make.

Bear in mind that if the supporting wall is not that firm, you should opt for a lighter construction, one that includes a lighter material or no mechanism at all. If the leisure spot in your patio is away from your home, then you should consider the freestanding awnings put in place with pillars.

Waterproof and UV protection cover

Unless you are inclined to change your awnings each year, you should prepare to pay a bit more for special treatment of the canopy. Nowadays, manufacturers are ready to put special coating which would protect the material from losing lustre because of sun or excessive rain. In this way, you could extend the life of your awnings to at least several years.

Most patio awnings don't need planning permission however there are some exceptions and is recommended that you contact your local authority first. 

Standard or bespoke

Many awning manufacturers will offer you ready-made solutions which you will have delivered and installed already the next day. Because of being standard, they will most likely be cheaper, too.

However, if the dimensions and colours you are looking for are non-standard, then ask for made-to-measure awnings. Although they might take longer to make, deliver and install, the ultimate result – the implementation of the idea in your imagination – is what matters.

Nationwide Innovations has many models on offer, with up to 4 metre projection and up to 14 metres in length. They offer UV protection and are waterproof and come in hundreds of colours.

At Primrose Awnings, you have the chance to familiarise with all models available, you can view the entire range and do the price comparison with a single click. Also if you want your delivery ASAP, see what's in stock.

Hillarys offers a free and no obligation visit by one of its advisers. It might be worth hearing the opinion of a professional and let him take your measurements like only a professional can.

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