A buyer’s guide to bathroom sinks

If you’re shopping for a bathroom sink then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of ways you can make a saving on what can otherwise be a significantly priced item. In this guide we talk you through the factors you should be considering when purchasing a bathroom sink and how you can find one for a knockdown price.

Getting the best price on your bathroom sink

Using Google Search

Using Google search is a great place to start your bathroom sink search. Hit the ‘shopping’ tab to compare sinks side by side to get an idea of the price you’re looking at. You should however search other websites, as only those using Google advertising appear within these shopping results.

Choosing to shop online, rather than in store

Generally speaking you’ll find that shopping online offers a far wider range of bathroom sinks at lower prices as compared to shopping in physical stores. You may however want to check out what’s available in physical stores to get an idea of what’s available on the market.

Asking about ex-display bathroom sinks

Bathroom sinks that are ex-display can mean that you receive anything over and above 20% discount (you can get more if the sink is even slightly damaged). If you’ve chosen to shop in store then ask a member of staff about what sinks they have in their warehouse that were used as display units.

Discounts off damaged items

If you’re looking in store and find that perfect bathroom sink that has a slight bit of damage then you should ask about what discount you’d receive if you purchased it. Retailers tend to offer significant discounts on damaged goods.

Factors to consider when buying a bathroom sink

Matching your bathroom sink to you existing suit

Matching your bathroom sink to your existing suit should see you initially looking for the same collection. If it’s no longer available then take a look at the colouring, the style (how detailed is it, and other design features such as curved or straight lines, square or round shapes) and whether it follows a modern or traditional line. 

Extra storage 

You can add some storage space placing a cabinet under a wall mounted sink. In case you do not need it there is pedestal type, that will cover or pipes and plimbing. Modern style bathrooms are supposed to have simple design and commonly there only few shelves or just a plain top for the sink.

Checking the delivery charges

Checking the delivery charges prior to browsing an online store is certainly advisable if you wish to avoid wasting time choosing your item only to find that your sink comes with an extortionate delivery charge. Additionally, there are retailers that offer free delivery, so seek them out and compare their prices against the items you found on Google shopping.

Checking online retailer reputation

Checking the reputation of an online retailer prior to purchasing is essential if you’re to avoid buying from an illegitimate company masquerading as an actual retailer. Check the website’s reputation with online consumer review websites prior to even considering a purchase.


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