Boiler Cover

Leaking or defunct boiler is the worst that could happen to you and your family on a frosty winter day. Yet if you are a person exercising foresight, you can either prevent this from happening (with routine maintenance, for example) or can at least minimise the time to repair and related costs. You can make the latter possible with boiler cover. Buying a boiler cover will ensure that you have your boiler examined, refurbished and/or replaced within due time. What do you have to mind in a boiler cover?


Insurer or provider

Unlike most insurances, this type of cover can be purchased from an insurer and gas provider alike. If your gas provider offers a cover, then its solution might be the perfect one for you. With a single call, you will bring a team of technicians around and will settle your claim. There is an option, however, that an insurer offer better conditions, i.e. to offer a larger cover for the same amount of money.

Bundle or not

Combining your boiler cover with an insurance for the rest of your utilities (central heating, plumbing, home electrics) might offer you hefty discounts. Make sure, when tailoring your package, that you have included all your essentials. You can easiely get several quotes  after entering few details online. Only once you have preset your utility entries can you make a realistic across-the-board comparison of prices.

Monthly or annually

Insurers have tapped onto the fact that boilers are a largely seasonal concern and have prompted them to offer flexible cover schemes. Along with the annuity alternative, a home owner can now buy a monthly cover with the option of renewing it automatically or upon deliberate prompting at the end of each month. Main providers offer free annual boiler service and controls check with unlimited call-outs and claims when buying boiler insurance. 

With British Gas, you have a full suite of services on offer. Along with boiler installation, repair and replacement, you have the cover which will result in zero maintenance and replacement costs for you. What is more, you can enjoy diverse bundle options. Within the several packages it offers, you can choose and pay for the scope that suits your home or office best.

Npower serves both residential and business properties alike. For just £9.95 a month or £99 a year, you can enjoy a full boiler cover which includes an unlimited number of call outs, free boiler replacement if the boiler is less than 7 years old (if the boiler is older than 7 years, the charge will be £450).

At O'Neil you can request any type of gas service at a market-beating price. At least this is what this company promises. Call for a quote and see if this corresponds to the truth.

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